Checkra is a simple technology that aims to disrupt the way users authenticate their luxury purchases and track lost/stolen items. It also allows luxury brands to enhance their data mining processes by collecting data not just from their original customers, but also the grey market.

It consists of a web app (used by salespeople in retail stores at the point of transaction) and a mobile app (used by the consumers to verify their items' authenticity), both connected by a central database.

Web Application

The salesperson generates a digital profile for the items purchased by the consumer, which can be added to their Checkra app later on via entering a code sent to them via email.

Mobile Application

Every end-user/consumer should have their Checkra app/account to keep track of their purchases and prove authenticity via matching the item's physical serial number to the serial number on the app. They can also use the app to change the 'owner' of the product by transferring the item's digital profile to another person whenever required.

Adding the item digitally to one's account via the code sent to their email

Viewing the item and its details

Viewing the item's e-Receipt and transfer process

Other owner can now login to their account on the app to register/view the item transferred to them.

Analytics Page for Luxury Company

Using the app, companies are also able to analyse consumer behavior, sales, etc.

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